Solimo Non-Stick Tadka Pan, 11cm /300ml Rs.199 @ Amazon

Rs. 149 Rs. 499
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Solimo Non-Stick Tadka Pan, 11cm /300ml Rs.199 @ Amazon
Solimo Non-Stick Tadka Pan, 11cm /300ml Rs.199 @ Amazon
Rs. 149 Rs. 499

The Solimo non-stick Tadka Pan is designed to deliver premium quality and great value to you. This tadka pan comes with a 1 Year warranty and is strong and durable due to the 2.4mm thick body. The 11cm diameter bottom with a capacity of 300ml is designed for quick heating to bring out the flavours of the different spices such as mustard, black pepper, cloves and more. Use the Solimo Tadka Pan to make delicious dal tadka, rasam and curries.

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Tadka pan (Hard Anodized)

Solimo Non Stick Tadka Pan Demo

Solimo Non Stick Tadka Pan Demo.


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