Mobilegear 18X Optical Zoom Telescope Mobile Camera Lens Kit with Back Cover & Tripod for Apple iPhone 6 Plus Mobile Phone Lens(Telephoto)

Mobilegear 8x Optical Zoom Telescope Mobile Camera Lens For Apple iPhone 6 Plus with Back Cover

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as of March 25, 2019 6:35 pm


  • Has 8 times Zoom to adjust the focal length.
  • Large luminous flux, higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction, and makes high quality picture
  • Makes wide angle with this mobile camera lens.
  • Effectively avoid the contortion of image.

Product Description

Looking for Mobile Camera Lens..... Do you Love distant Photography with your iPhone??? Do you love watching live games, concerts or Animals but stucked due to short shortsightedness of your Mobile camera?? Now Overcome the bottleneck (shortsightedness) of your iPhone 6 Plus camera and enjoy the distant views and photography with this Mobile Camera Lens...!! Click amazing pictures of far objects with this 8x zoom Mobile Camera Telescope lens .The Mobilegear 8x Optical Zoom Mobile Camera Lens...

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