Eveready Rechargeable Home Light HL56

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Bring home this Eveready Home Light Hl56 Rechargeable emergency light for a proper back-up light in times of power cuts and other emergencies. It is a perfect blend of utility and good looks.

This Eveready Home Light Hl56 Rechargeable emergency light uses premium quality plastic as the principal material in its construction and flaunts a portable design that makes it easier is easy to use. Additionally, the materials used in the components have great electrical insulation and flame and heat resistant properties. The range of the light is 180 degree and is equipped with 12 LEDs. It is powered by a powerful 3V 750 mAh Ni-MH battery. It has a back-up time of 4 hrs and an optimised charging time of 14-16 hrs, which helps efficiency. It would not only provide you with optimum illumination but also stay protected from the spikes of high voltage. The red body lends it a bold look. The emergency lamp has a built in deep discharge feature along with overcharge protection which keeps the lamp well protected. It measures 35 x 14 x 18 cm in dimension.

Eveready lights are known for its advanced technology and innovative patterns along with an unmatched performance. This emergency light can be used in your home, commercial hubs, offices and so on. They require a low voltage input which in turn saves electricity as well.


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